The Allman Brothers Band – At Fillmore East 2010

Allman Brothers Band - At Fillmore East 2010

The Allman Brothers Band in 2009

Robbie pointed out that The Allman Brothers Band show on March 12th at the Beacon this year will be the 40 year anniversary of when At Fillmore East was recorded.   Obviously the boys are planning something very compelling for that date and also the whole Beacon run.

That sold out show will be something, and its a pretty hot ticket.   Whose got my extra?

The Allman Brothers Band At Fillmore East is easily one of my favorite albums.   I pulled out my copy on vinyl the other day, hadn’t listened to it in years, and surprisingly I remembered all the scratches, pops and crackles all over it.

For some fun I put together a mixtape of all the At Fillmore East tracks played live in 2010.   Click here to download the mixtape.

The tracks were taken from shows at New York’s Palace Theater, Wanee Festival and Boston’s Orpheum Theater.   The band was in fine form in 2010, in every regard.   All the members are playing at the top of their game.   As a sample I posted “Stormy Monday” for you to listen to over here.

On top of this Allman Brothers Beacon run, 2011 is shaping up to be a big year for solo records from the band members.   Greg is releasing Low Country Blues next week.   Which you can stream on NPR right now, and it sounds awesome.   In the spring Warren is releasing a solo album of soul music.  When I was hanging out with Derek and Susan the other day they mentioned slowly recording some tracks for a release this year.

Should be a good year!   Hope you enjoy the At Fillmore West 2010 mixtape.

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  1. What a brilliant idea!

  2. grifftrain says:

    What a great live disc you put together here. In a weird coincidence I also pulled out my Fillmore East lp today. Its amazing that the ABB is still doing their thing after all these years. Great post, my friend

  3. Luke. What a killer idea. Thanks for cobbling this together. It will get multiple plays this weekend. It has been a while (2003) since I saw the Allmans…seeing as they don’t tour outside the States. This gets me closer.

    Thanks for the Warren tip. I didn’t know about that. That looks GREAT…definitely a vinyl purchase.

    Can you imagine that 40th anny of Fillmore show. Get ready for the boots from that!

    Cheers. More posts!

  4. Whereas most great live rock albums are about energy, At Fillmore East is like a great live jazz session, where the pleasure comes from the musicians’ interaction and playing. The great thing about that is, the original album that brought the Allmans so much acclaim is as notable for its clever studio editing as it is for its performances. Producer Tom Dowd skillfully trimmed some of the performances down to relatively concise running time (edits later restored on the double-disc set The Fillmore Concerts ), at times condensing several performances into one track. Far from being a sacrilege, this tactic helps present the Allmans in their best light, since even if the music isn’t necessarily concise (three tracks run over ten minutes, with two in the 20-minute range), it does showcase the group’s terrific instrumental interplay, letting each member (but particularly guitarist Duane and keyboardist/vocalist Gregg ) shine. Even after the release of the unedited concerts, this original double album (single CD) remains the pinnacle of the Allmans and Southern rock at its most elastic, bluesy, and jazzy.

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