Kasey Chambers – Byron Bay Blues & Roots Festival, Australia – 29.03.2002

Happy Australia Day to all my countrymen today.   And if you don’t have the day off to celebrate (like me), feel free to pop a few tins at knock off.   Good onya!

Also, big shout out to one of my favorite writers, Seth Godin, for today’s launch of his new his new book Linchpin.   I am about half way through an advance copy that I was clever enough to commandeer and I have really enjoyed it so far.   It’s a book about making a bigger contribution to things that matter and being an artist.   Even if you don’t paint or write songs etc.   A very timely read for me being half way through the second week of a new job.

Seth, drops plenty of knowledge throughout the book.   Specifically on page 41 in what could be the most widely quoted passage in the book:

Donald Bradman was an Australian cricket player.   He was also the best athlete who ever lived.   By any statistical measure, he was comparatively the best at what he did.   He was far better at cricket than Michael Jordan was at basketball or Jack Nicklaus was at golf.

It’s very difficult to be as good as Donald Bradman.   In fact, it’s impossible.

So Seth, an American writer in New York City, clearly knows his stuff.   He goes on to say that none of us will have the skills to be like Willie Nelson, Jerry Garcia or especially Terry Schlicting.  However, each of us have talent and can generously contribute and can develop the ability to move people.   It’s an inspiring book.

On to the show here today, we have some Aussie Americana music from Kasey Chambers.   Never been to this Festival but many of my people back home love it and go every year.   The lineup this year, right here, is first rate again.   If you are ever in Australia you will probable end up in Byron Bay.   Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.   It’s an amazing place.

Bill Chambers, Kasey’s dad, does some great guitar playing on this show.   He played on the Buddy Miller show I posted here also.   “Runaway Train” is posted over here for you to check out.


Download the recording

Kasey Chambers – Byron Bay Blues & Roots Festival – 2002-03-29

01 Intro
02 Runaway Train
03 If I Could
04 Nullarbor Song
05 This Flower
06 A Little Lonesome
07 Not Pretty Enough
08 Freight Train
09 Sometimes She Forgets *
10 Changed The Locks
11 Don’t Talk Back
12 Intrumental
13 The Captain

*w/ Steve Earle

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